Have you spent years of experimental home cooking trying to emulate British Indian restaurant curries?

Dave Loyden did exactly that for decades, eventually gave up, quit his day job, and invested three years working undercover in UK curryhouses. He discovered the hidden nuances, the techniques and ingredients, that made the flavours of restaurant curries so different from home cooking.

Now these secrets are yours in his new book...Dave Loyden's Undercover Curry

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As a small thank you for visiting our website why dont you make Dave's Tarka Dhall. And let's substantiate the claims made on the cover of this book.

This has to be the best curry book ever..I have been trying relentlessly for the past 3 years to get that 'Take Away/Resturant' taste, and this book does it for me. I have subscribed to internet sites and downloaded countless curry base recipes, but none have really hit the mark. I made the curry base gravy from this book and I had a eureka moment when I made the Chicken Madras - Absolutely authentic. The book is written in a very engaging way. You can read the book, rather than just follow recipes, and when you have read it, you get a real insight into cooking curries - the BIR way. Any real curry lover should get this book. An absolute gem... Thanks for all your efforts here Dave.

The best BIR curry book I have ever read! I too have been cooking curries for over 30 years, always aiming for that restaurant taste and, occasionally, coming pretty close. This book does what it promises, just follow the instructions - and, yes, some are a little open, but this encourages experimentation while still retaining the unmistakeable BIR flavour and aroma - and enjoy the pleasure of recreating delicious restaurant curries in your own kitchen. The preparation, while a bit time-consuming, is more than worth the end result. I made the onion bhajias to flavour the oil, as Dave suggests, and... better than most takeaways! If you like Indian restaurant/takeaway curry then just buy this book and prepare to accept the adulation of your friends and neighbours.
A big thank you to Dave!

Alan Giles5star
This book is a really really interesting read. The recipes are somewhat complicated, but that is because you are trying to reproduce restaurant quality food. If you want something fast and easy that doesn't taste like the real thing then this is not the book for you. However if you want to replicate that BIR taste then it is a must but. Following Mr Loyden's tips for bulk cooking and freezing does cut down the prep/cooking time enormously. Buy it, read it, give it a go!

Dont usually leave reviews, but this book deserves one. If you want to cook "authentic", take away curries, and who doesn't, this is the book for you. Took me 50 years to find this book. Brilliant.

Mark Lynch5star
In short, if you like your BIR Curries & you want to be able to cook them yourself, then this book is a "must buy" As with many of the other of the reviewers here, I too have tried for many years to recreate "that taste" at home, trawling through all the websites & forums online that proclaim to be able to show you the way. Despite numerous attempts (including trying the other well known curry book we all know about) nothing has even come close to the results I have achieved from my first try using this Books methods. The endearing writing style Dave uses to explain things really helps & after a short time gives you a really good feel for your cooking, despite not always using accurate measuring, just like a pro curry chef does & I guarantee you can recreate something you will be more than happy with & amaze your family & friends.

Once the major ingredients are prepared, you can cook something or even many different curries in just a few minutes (again just like a pro chef would)

Surely there is no better insight into BIR cookery, researching it the way Dave has over the 3 or so years he did so.

So all I can say, is for a very small price you can finally learn how to make curries that you will certainly be proud of & hopefully save yourself (as I have) a load of money on takeaways.

Jon L5star
This book is excellent but you need to read thoroughly and then as I did adjust the recipes to suit your size containers as some of the ingredients you need to make could well last for about 5 years depending on storage conditions.What I liked about the book are the recipes and tips which give you almost fail safe dishes for meat eaters and vegetarians alike that would be availeable in a good Curry restaurant.The Curry Secret book is good and it`s curry base is on par with Dave`s but with the recipes and tips in Dave`s book it just takes the top spot.

K. Vincent5star
Thank you Dave for taking the time and trouble to write such a wonderful insight into Indian cookery. This is not a curry recipe book,but the way to create dishes as prepared by Indian chefs. The basic "gravy", as explained in detail, tells it all. Do as he says,and the world of true Indian restaurant cooking is yours.

Willco 5star
Living in SW France I have a wonderful collection of curry cook books which have become redundant after purchasing the Undercover Curry. After 6 years of failing to recreate the flavors of the British Curry, thanks now to the Undercover Curry, I am now cooking and enjoying beautiful curries. Yes it is a time taking process getting together the materials and preparing the "gravy" and other mixtures but if you love curry and want to wow your friends, spend the time and get great results.

The recipes give flexibility to experiment yourself and also tailor the flavors and heat levels according to your own taste.

Congratulations Dave Loyden an excellent book and 10 out of 10 for the curries.

John Taylor5star
I have never written a review of anything before but I couldnt let this pass. I moved to New Zealand around 7 years ago and to say I miss my curry is an understatement. Curry is not a food but an addiction and I got hooked many many years ago. I have missed my fix and have tried almost every kind of book and trick I could. The taste is important for me but so so so much more is the texture.

This is SPOT on !!!! If you want a curry that tastes and feels like its out of a small London curry house with red flock wallpaper and old Indian music - well this is it.

I cant explain the emotion I felt when I had the first mouthful. The tip of the way the chicken is cooked, the ingredients in the gravy (who would have thought) and the spices just hit the mark. Yep it takes a while to make a batch. I did the small quantity and it gave me enough for 4 people, but rest assured I will be buying a huge pot. Once you have made the gravy and frozen it the actual curry making takes very little time. The result is so so so so worth the effort.

This is a book for poms who are away from home. If you we are at home you would just walk down the road and have a few beers and a curry but its not that easy when its twenty four hours on a plane.

Like I say - I have tried everything and got close but I realised how far away I was when I tasted this. If you read this then it mea

ns you have searched for a decent british curry recipe book. Dont bother buying anything else.....this really is it. I have spent many years (and lots of pounds and dollars)doing the research for you

The curry made from this book is brilliant, better than any curry we have ever tasted. It encourages you to use as little or as much of anything you put in - although I must admit it would be better to have more of a guide line of quantities or at least tell you where to buy a curry spoon.....could be a marketing opportunity for someone to produce this!? Once you have the main 'gravy' sauce in the freezer, a patia sauce, doppiaza, tomato puree and the garlic and ginger - all in your fridge, you are literally minutes from eating the most delicious curry. You will be delighted with the results, I never thought it possible to make such a good curry.

It is a shame that the korma curry is not included as it is very popular - I have great comments/results with the vindaloo, patia and my korma which I made up by using the book.

Recipe as follows - pre cooked chicken (I cook my chicken breasts in the microwave with a little seasoning and tiny amount of water-then cut up into chunks straight into the curry) Oil in pan-add 1 banana-sliced, (Dipping) - 1 rounded desert spoon or more ginger/garlic paste, 2 rounded teaspoon curry powder, 1 teaspoon tomato puree, good pinch fenugreek leaf, a sprinkle of cardomon and cinnamon, good pinch of demerara sugar. Then add chicken, cashew nuts and stir well, add gravy to coat and a good chunk of coconut cream block, coriander leaf and lastly just before serving add another sliced banana and stir in yoghurt or single cream. Of course add less or more of anything you wish. The book does have handy places to add your own notes, there is no index which would be handy although you soon get the hang of it, it is a very easy read and well worth reading right through before you start.



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